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Notes & Policies

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About Seed Beads: We carry the finest quality glass seed beads from Czech and Japan. Generally speaking, Czech beads will come strung in hanks, Japanese beads come in tubes. Some folks say that one style is more regular and even than another, but in our experience, sometimes a color is just wonky and requires culling. At the factory, seed beads are made up in batches, or “dye lots“. Many times when re-ordering a color, the dye lot will be slightly different. There is NEVER any guarantee that you will be receiving the exact same color you have had before, even if the re-order number is the same. The dye lots between bead sizes can also vary; there is NEVER any guarantee that a color number will look exactly the same from size to size. That said, if possible we WILL match up dye lots when you order tubes of the same color number in different sizes.

Dyed Seed Beads: We have tried to be very diligent in noting dyed or non-permanent finishes with an asterisk (*), but keep in mind that most seed bead colors will not last long if worn in the shower or pool, or stored in sunlight. Some finishes can rub off quickly based on body pH or skin reactions alone! For Miyuki’s description of bead finishes and their durability, click here. Toho’s is less comprehensive, but available here.

Seed Bead Numbering System: Our supplier, a direct importer of Japanese seed beads, devised the elegant numbering system used throughout our site to incorporate Miyuki, Toho, and Matsuno seed beads into one cohesive system. We have no easy way to tell which seed bead comes from which Japanese factory, but all of these factories create high-quality glass beads that can be used together.

Tubes & Amounts: Please be aware, all our seed bead tubes come in one of 3 sizes: 6″x .5″x.5″ – approximately 30 grams filled, 2.5″x.5″x.5″ – approximately 8-10 grams filled, and 2″x.45″x.45″ – approximately 6-8 grams filled. Any other weights listed are considered “shipping weights” and include packaging.

Our Extraordinary Beadwork: Most of the jewelry on this site is hand-made by Sudasi & Ruthie. From time to time we “copy” our own beadwork to make it available again. Because the availability of stones and beads vary, we must re-design each item, each time we make it. Thus, each item is unique!

Ordering Jewelry: Please make sure, via measuring tape, that it will fit!! Although we do take returns, there will be a restocking fee associated with any mail return.

Stones: Sudasi & Ruthie hand pick each strand of stones. You can see the quality you will receive in the photos in the item’s description. All stones are on 16″ strands unless otherwise noted in product descriptions. Please have your measuring tape handy when bead shopping online. You’ll want to have a clear idea of the size of an item before ordering, because of our Return Policy below.

Returns: Although we DO take returns on items in their original condition, there will be a restocking fee of $10 or 10% of original web order total -whichever is greater- on any order or partial order. Please be sure you can use an item (or know someone else who can) before purchase.

Shipping: Shipping occurs 1-3 business days after we receive your order. At this time, all orders are sent via USPS; either Priority Mail or First Class, both with tracking. For our international customers we offer First Class Mail and Priority Mail, both with tracking. First Class Mail – if available- is *significantly* less expensive in most cases. Please note your options on the shipping portion of the check out pages.

Privacy Policy: We use your personal information to tailor the site to you. We do NOT share your personal information with anyone. No advertising, No selling your email.

*Terms & Conditions are edited regularly; be sure to check back here before completing each order.