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Beads > Gem Stones > Jasper

African Turquoise

Color Enhanced Jasper

Eagle Eye Jasper

Mookaite Jasper

Ocean Jasper

Other Natural Jaspers

Red Creek Jasper



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Bloodstone Round

$12.00 - $28.50

Eagle Eye Jasper Coin 8mm Facet


Eagle Eye Jasper Round 6mm


Eagle Eye Jasper Round 6mm Facet


Eagle Eye Jasper Round 6mm Facet


Fancy Jasper Coin Facet


Fancy Jasper Drops


Fancy Jasper Round


Jasper (Dyed) Capri Blue/Teal


Jasper (Dyed) Pink

$18.00 - $24.00

Jasper (Dyed) Pink Chiclet 6x8mm


Jasper (Dyed) Purple Rondelle 6x10mm -Large Hole


Jasper (Dyed) Purple Round 10mm -Large Hole


Jasper (Dyed) Teal Blue


Jasper (Dyed) Teal Rondelle 4x6mm


Jasper (Dyed) Teal Round 8mm


Loose Beads Tray #13 (Large Hole)


Loose Beads Tray #14 (Large Hole)


Loose Beads Tray #17 (Some Large Hole)


Loose Beads Tray #18 (Some Large Hole)


Loose Beads Tray #22


Mookaite Jasper Coin 6mm


Mookaite Jasper Drop


Mookaite Jasper Polygon 8mm


Mookaite Jasper Rondelle


Mookaite Jasper Rondelle Facet


Mookaite Jasper Round

$14.00 - $36.00

Mookaite Jasper Round 6mm


Mookaite Jasper Round 8mm - Large Hole


Mookaite Jasper Round 9mm


Mookaite Jasper Round Facet


Mookaite Jasper Square Facet


Ocean Jasper Cube Bevel


Ocean Jasper Round 6mm


Orbicular Jasper


Outback Jasper


Picture Jasper Rondelle 2.5x4mm Matte


Picture Jasper Round 11mm Matte


Picture Jasper Round 4mm Matte


Picture Jasper Round 6mm


Picture Jasper Round 6mm Matte


Picture Jasper Round 8mm


Picture Jasper Round 8mm -Large Hole


Poppy Jasper Cube 2.5mm Beveled


Red Creek Jasper Round 10mm Large Hole


Red Creek Jasper Round 4mm


Red Creek Jasper Round 6mm


Red Creek Jasper Round 8mm


Unakite Round

$15.00 - $24.00