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Beads > Semi-Precious Stones > Garnet
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Garnet 1-1.5x4mm Heishi


Garnet 1.5x4mm Heishi


Garnet 2.5mm faceted Round


Garnet 2.5mm Round


Garnet 2.5x3.5mm Faceted Disc


Garnet 2.5x3mm faceted Rondelle


Garnet 2mm faceted Round


Garnet 2x3mm faceted Rondelle


Garnet 3.5-4mm Round


Garnet 3.5-4x7mm Rondelle


Garnet 3mm faceted Round


Garnet 3mm faceted Round B


Garnet 3mm Round


Garnet 3mm Round B


Garnet 3x6mm Saucer


Garnet 4.5mm Round


Garnet 4mm faceted Round


Garnet 4mm Round


Garnet 5mm faceted Round


Garnet 5mm Round


Garnet 6mm Round


Garnet Graduated Tabular Crystals


Garnet Other Shapes


Hessonite Garnet 2mm Faceted Round


Hessonite Garnet 3.5-4mm Faceted Round


Sterling Pendants w/ Gemstones

$27.00 - $125.00