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Beads > Semi-Precious Stones > Turquoise
Turquoise- These are the actual strands we have in stock right now. We hand-pick all of our beads so we can offer you the best quality. Use the magnifier tool for close-up viewing. All strands are 16" unless otherwise indicated.
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Gold-Edged Turquoise 12-15mm Coin (blue)


Gold-Edged Turquoise 10mm Coin


Gold-Edged Turquoise 10x13mm Teardrop


Gold-Edged Turquoise 12-14mm Coin


Gold-Edged Turquoise 12-16mm Coin (green)


Gold-Edged Turquoise 12mm Coin


Gold-Edged Turquoise 12mm Puff Coin


Gold-Edged Turquoise 13-15mm Coin


Gold-Edged Turquoise 36" Knotted Coin Necklace


Gold-Edged Turquoise 36" Knotted Flat Nugget Necklace


Gold-Edged Turquoise 6x8mm Oval


Gold-Edged Turquoise 8x10mm Oval (dark green)


Gold-Edged Turquoise 8x10mm Puff Oval (lt green/brown)


Gold-Edged Turquoise 8x12mm Oval


Gold-Edged Turquoise Drop -Front Drilled - 36pcs


Gold-Edged Turquoise Graduated Teardrop


Gold-Edged Turquoise Graduated Teardrops A


Gold-Edged Turquoise Graduated Teardrops B


Loose Beads Tray T-#1


Loose Beads Tray T-#2


Loose Beads Tray T-#3

$1.75 - $18.00

Natural Turquoise Raw Chip (Unstabilized)


Sterling Pendants w/ Gemstones

$27.00 - $125.00

Turquoise 1-2x6mm Disc


Turquoise 1.5-2.5mm Round


Turquoise 1.5mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 10mm Coin


Turquoise 10mm Rondelle


Turquoise 10mm Round


Turquoise 10mm Square Pillow


Turquoise 10x14mm Rectangle


Turquoise 12-13mm Tumble Cut Rondelle


Turquoise 12-15mm Oval


Turquoise 2.5mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 2.5mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 2.5mm Round B


Turquoise 2.5x3.5mm Drum


Turquoise 2.5x3mm Rondelle


Turquoise 2mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 2mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 2mm Faceted Round C


Turquoise 2mm Round


Turquoise 2mm Round Bluer


Turquoise 2x3mm Rondelle


Turquoise 2x3mm Rondelle B


Turquoise 2x3mm Rondelle C


Turquoise 2x3mm Rondelle D


Turquoise 2x5.5mm Heishi


Turquoise 3.5mm Heishi


Turquoise 3.5x6mm Disc


Turquoise 3mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 3mm Faceted Round


Turquoise 3mm Heishi


Turquoise 3mm Round


Turquoise 3mm Round B


Turquoise 3mm Round C


Turquoise 3x4mm Heishi


Turquoise 3x5 Drum C


Turquoise 3x5mm Drum A


Turquoise 3x5mm Drum B


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