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Stones by Strand

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We do not use stock photos of stones-these are the actual strands we have in stock. We hand-pick all of our beads so we can offer you the best quality. All strands are 16" unless otherwise indicated. (please note; the tufted strands from India may be 13"
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Red Horn Round 12mm


Abalone Button 20mm


Abalone Fan Teardrop


Abalone Nugget freeform


Abalone Nugget Large Freeform


Abalone Oval 8x16mm


Abalone Puff Oval freeform


Abalone Rondelle 4x4mm


Abalone Round Mosaic 10mm


Abalone Round Mosaic 8mm


Abalone Square 10x10


Abalone Square 6x6mm


Abalone Square 8x8mm


Abalone Square 8x8mm B


Abalone Square Facet 6mm


Abalone Square Facet 8mm


Abalone Teardrop


Abalone Teardrop 10x14mm


Abalone Teardrop 8" strand


African Turquoise Rondelle 3x4mm Facet


African Turquoise Round 3mm


African Turquoise Round 3mm Facet


African Turquoise Round 8mm


African Turquoise Round Matte 8mm -Large Hole


Agate (Dyed) Desert Sunset Mix


Agate (Dyed) Mermaid Mix


Agate (Dyed) Ocean Mix


Agate (Dyed) Oceana Mix Tumble Cut 13mm


Agate (Dyed) Rainforest Mix


Agate -Santa Fe Mix (dyed) Round 6mm


Agate -Santa Fe Mix (dyed) Round 8mm


Amahong Shell Coin 16mm


Amazonite Rondelle 2x3mm Facet


Amazonite Round 2.5mm Facet


Amazonite Round 2mm Facet


Amazonite Round 2mm Facet B


Amazonite Round 4mm Facet


Amazonite Round 5-6mm


Amazonite Round 5.5mm


Amazonite Round 6mm


Amazonite Round 7mm


Amazonite Round 8mm


Amber Chip +/- 5-8mm A


Amber Chip +/- 5-8mm B


Amber Chips/Drops


Amber Flat Nugget 10-15mm


Amber Flat Nugget 8-12mm


Amber Flat Nugget 8-12mm B


Amber Graduated Pebble


Amber Nugget +/- 7mm


Amber Pebble 6-8mm Dark


Amber Pebble 6-8mm Light


Amber Pebble 8x10mm


Amber Rondelle 3x8mm


Amber Round 3mm


Amber Round 4mm


Amber Round 5.5mm A


Amber Round 5.5mm B


Amber Round 5mm


Amber Round 5mm B


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