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Beadweaver of Santa Fe

Extraordinary Beads & Beadwork
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Shape > Barrel/Drum
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Amethyst 5x10mm Faceted Drum


Amethyst 5x6-7mm faceted drum


Amethyst 8x12mm barrel


Apatite 6x7mm Hand-Faceted Drum


Bamboo Coral (Dyed) 3x4mm Drum


Bamboo Coral (Dyed) 7-8mm Barrel


Batik Agate Matte 10x13mm Oval Eye -Large Hole


Batik Agate Matte 12x16mm Barrel


Batik Agate Matte 8x12mm Oval/Barrel


Batik Agate Matte 8x12mm Oval/Barrel B


Bone 7x10mm Striped Barrel


Carnelian 9x10mm Barrel


Carnelian Faceted Slightly Graduated Drum


Carnelian Lg Faceted Drum

$115.00 - $130.00

Cocoa Moonstone 10x12mm 3 Sided Barrel


Copal Amber 12x12mm Barrel


Fluorite 7x10mm faceted Drum


Jasper Dyed Teal 14x18mm Barrel


Jet 8x10mm Drum


Kyanite Assorted Cylinder/Drum


Lepidolite 10x12mm Barrel


Loose Beads Tray #21


Loose Beads Tray #22


Loose Beads Tray #24


Loose Beads Tray #25


Pink Tourmaline Faceted Barrel


Pink Tourmaline Faceted Barrel


Poppy Jasper Multi Barrel/Disc


Prehnite 4x6mm Faceted Barrel


Prehnite 5x6mm faceted Barrel


Rose Quartz 6x9mm Drum


Spiny Oyster Shell 8mm Drum


Turquoise 3x5 Drum C


Turquoise 3x5mm Drum A


Turquoise 3x5mm Drum B


Turquoise 6x8mm Barrel


Turquoise 8x10mm Barrel


Turquoise 8x8mm Barrel


Turquoise Approx 8x8mm Assorted Barrel


Turquoise Assorted Barrel


Turquoise Assorted Barrel/Rondelle


Turquoise Assorted Rondelles/Drums


Turquoise Green Long Oval Barrel


Wood 10-14mm Barrel


Wood 5x6mm Barrel