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Shape > Rondelle
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6/0 Charlotte (3x4mm)


Abalone 4x4mm rondelle


African Turquoise 3x4mm Faceted Rondelle


Amber 3x8mm Rondelle


Amethyst 3x4mm Faceted Rondelle


Amethyst 4x6 rondelle


Amethyst 6x8mm rondelle


Antique Cut Gem Cut 7x10mm


Apatite 4x6mm Faceted Rondelle


Apple Coral 3x4mm Rondelle


Apple Coral Shapes

$22.00 - $36.00

Aqua Terra Jasper Shapes

$14.00 - $18.00

Aquamarine 11x6mm Rondelle


Aquamarine 4x6 Rondelle A


Aquamarine 4x6 Rondelle B


Aquamarine 4x6mm faceted Rondelle


Aquamarine 5x6mm Brut Cut Rondelle


Batik Agate Matte 8x12mm Rondelle -Large Hole


Batik Bone 8x12mm Rondelle -Large Hole


Black Tourmaline 3x4mm Rondelle


Blue Topaz 3x8 faceted rondelle


Blue Zircon 1x3mm Faceted Rondelle


Bone 4x10mm Etched Disc


Bone 4x7mm Etched Rondelle Large Hole


Bone 5x10mm Striped Rondelle Large Hole


Bone 5x9mm Rondelle


Bone 9mm Etched Rondelle Large Hole


Brass 2.5x4mm Gear Spacer


Brass 2x3.5mm Gear Spacer


Ceramic Blue Speckle 6x12mm Saucer - Large Hole


Chocolate Moonstone Irregular Brut Cut


Chocolate/Cocoa Moonstone 6x10mm Rondelle


Chrome Diopside 5x7mm Rondelle


Chrysoprase 4-5x8mm Smooth Rondelle


Chrysoprase 7x10mm Smooth Rondelle


Citrine 2x5mm Faceted Rondel


Citrine 5-8mm Graduated Faceted Rondel


Citrine 5mm Round


Disc Spacer 6mm

$1.75 - $4.50

Dumortierite 6x8mm Faceted Rondelle


EP Hematite 1x2mm Disc/Spacer


Eye of Shiva 6x12mm Spacer


Flower Jade 4x6mm Rondelle


Flower Jade 5x8mm Rondelle


Flower Jade 6x12mm Rondelle


FW Pearl 5x7mm Charcoal Peacock Faceted Rondelle


FW Pearl 5x8mm Charcoal Peacock Faceted Rondelle


Garnet 2.5x3.5mm Faceted Disc


Garnet 2.5x3mm faceted Rondelle


Garnet 2x3mm faceted Rondelle


Garnet 3.5-4x7mm Rondelle


Gem Cuts 2x3mm

$3.95 - $4.95

Gem Cuts 5x7mm

$2.95 - $6.95

Gem Cuts 6x9mm

$3.95 - $12.25

Gold Pl. Base Metal Strands


Goldstone 4x6mm Rondelle


Hematite 8-9mm Gear


Iolite 2x5mm Faceted Rondelle


Jade 10x16mm Rondelle


Jasper Dyed Purple 6x10mm Rondelle -Large Hole


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