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Company Statement:
"I founded Wrappily in 2013 with the goal to green-up giving. I used to *dread* the wasted gift wrap at the end of the party, especially after learning that it generates over 4 million tons of trash every year. It's non-recyclable, and saving it was getting overwhelming. The heavy burden I felt over what to do with the piles of discarded wrap lead me to a ‘what-if’ realization: what if wrapping paper could be printed at the local newspaper press, so it was made locally and easy to recycle? Once I had the vision for it, I couldn’t NOT make it happen. We all deserve a gift wrap we can feel good about. Wrappily offers a new take on wrapping paper: great patterns printed on 100% recyclable/ compostable premium-grade newsprint using soy-based inks; flat, folded sheets for easy storage (and shipping!); minimal packaging (no unnecessary cardboard tube!) + plastic-free, plant-based PLA packaging. Recyclable up to seven times, newsprint is an answer to the millions of tons of trash generated by wrapping paper every year. Wrappily ships from Washington State, where our wrapping paper is proudly milled, printed, and packaged for the shortest possible supply chain. There's a ground swell of consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to common household items, towards a more circular economy. Invite your customers to make one small change that will make a big difference: Gift happily, with Wrappily." - Sara Smith, Founder